Sooper Hoops was established in 2012 after months of attempting a hula hoop by myself.  In June 2012, I watched Grace Jones hula hooping through her performance at the Queen's Jubilee Concert.  I was hooked. Fascinated.  If a 60 year old woman can hula hoop and look like that, then nothing is going to stand in my way.

After a search for hula hoops in the area, I found nothing.  My online search started.  It was all trial and error, and discovering that the cheaper materials do not work.  Over time, and many hoops later, I can say I am satisfied that I am supplying good quality durable hula hoops that will provide you with hours of fun, and a great workout!

Not only did it take many times to perfect our hula hoops, but I also eventually managed to hoop.  People assume I'm a natural because of my passion, but when they discover that I too couldn't keep the hoop up in the beginning, it gives them hope.

We are a supplier of weighted and non-weighted hula hoops of all sizes from small kiddies sizes to adult and even extra large adult size for larger people. Although we do not hold regular classes or workshops, we do occasionally hold a workshop where you can come and learn the basics or more advanced moves of  the art of Hula Hooping.

We have performed at many daytime functions and events - Corporate or Private - as well as evening shows where we used LED or Fire hula hoops.
We no longer offer this service due to busy life schedules.

We have hosted many kiddies parties in the past, however this another service we were no longer able to offer (all kids parties were extremely successful, we just don't have the time and manpower to offer them any more).

We are based on the East Rand, Gauteng (South Africa).

We are available in the evening and on weekends, but email us any time for further details for collection.