A playful way to exercise your spine is HULA HOOPING. Waist hooping works the circumference of muscles attached to your spine. Your core muscles which are located in the abdomen and back are responsible for the right alignment of the spine. Hooping helps strengthen your core muscles and increase spine flexibility.
Be sure to hoop in the dominant and non dominant direction for full effect.

It always seems to be the case with me. New beginnings.  This time I hope it all sticks.  I've had my fair share of tough times, but hoping it's all in the past and I've learned the lessons that I was meant to...

I was reading an old blog post about my first few hula hoop attempts.  What struck me was when I couldn't hula hoop, I didn't give up. I researched and tried again.  I'm so often saddened by the comments, "I can't do it, I give up".  I'm so glad I never gave up.  I wish some people would stick around long enough to see they can too.

If you've tried and couldn't do it. Don't give up. Give it a chance.



Original Post: February 16, 2015

You know how it goes... Full time "just over broke" (job), just to pay the bills, part time working on this and that.  This and that being 3 part time jobs - but the passion in them keeps me pushing forward, full time mom and partner.  No time for weekends or chill time.  But there comes a time where you need to slow down...

Original Post: January 8, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was trying to find a particular hoop I had made (this a regular occurrence just by the way).  I searched all the "known" areas around the house where there have been hula hoop sightings, and realized I really need to get organized. 

*Originally published May 2014*

I started my hoop journey a few years back. I could not hoop!! The hoop kept falling. "Maybe I'm just too fat," I thought... So I started doing research.

Then I saw Grace Jones hula hoop throughout an entire song at the Queen's Jubilee Celebration on TV. "WOW!!" If she can do that and look like that and she's over 60, what's stopping me! I carried on doing research. I realized my hula hoop was too light. I had the size right, but it had nothing to do with my size or the fact that I couldn't hula hoop - I needed more weight on the hoop. I made a new hula hoop, weighted it with water and there I had it. And I got the hoop twirling around my body!! I needed a few fine-tunes on the hoop (connections, tube thickness, weight etc) and soon I had everything working well. So I started making hula hoops for others and saw there was a demand, and Sooper Hoops was born. I started making hula hoops and teaching classes and loved every second.

Life has been rather hectic over the past few months. I've found it very difficult to run my home, work a full day job, run a part-time business and run Sooper hoops on the side too. But I try my best and many nights have seen me sitting taping hula hoops for eager hoopers. This is something I do because I feel everybody should be able to enjoy the benefits of hula hooping (whether for the fun of it or for fitness). I have been lazy (or too busy) to hula hoop, and I can tell you I miss it terribly!! And my body can feel it too. I've lost so much core strength from neglecting the hula hoop. I try every day to pick it up, but I battle to find enough time. I know that sounds like a terrible excuse... but I'm trying to better manage my time...

Original Post: January 5, 2015

Happy New year to you.

If like many other people you're feeling the pinch from the holiday season, and one of your new year resolutions is to "lose weight", "get fit", "exercise"... then think about taking up hula hooping as a way to get fit and have fun.  It may become more of a hobby than an exercise routine, and you may find yourself thinking about your hula hoop while you're at work - and you can't wait to get home to HOOP.