Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults just use those kids’ plastic hoops? (NO!) The cheap plastic toy hoops that are available at department stores are not going to cut it. They are for kids (and even then, the kids battle to hula hoop with them).  They break and bend easily and are far too light.  

What size of hoop do I need? The “rule of thumb” suggests standing behind an upright hoop and measuring the hoop to your belly button or above for a beginner.  A bigger hoop may be easier to learn with, but you’ll soon find it becomes a little too big and not very portable.  If you’re unsure, start with a large hoop – you can always purchase a smaller size hoop at a later stage.  Most of my customers start with the standard adult size, but larger customers need to go with the large heavy adult size.  Bigger + heavier = slower (and easier to learn).  You will determine the best suited size for you!  For more details, read “The Bigger, the Better?”.

What materials are hoops made from? Our hoops are made from sturdy HDPE (100 - 160psi) and is available in either 20mm or 25mm diameter.  We have tried and tested many different pipes, but always come back to the same pipe.  As most of our clients are wanting “heavier” exercise hoops, we find this to be the best for this purpose.

Why should I get a weighted hoop? Our weighted or “exercise” hoops  are typically used for workouts and in fitness routines.  We do also sell unweighted hoops, but you will need to specify that you want it unweighted.  

Why do you use such large hoops?  Our hoops are all made for people of all ages and sizes. The bigger you are, the bigger the hoop needs to be. They range in size from Sooper Small kiddies hoop, up to Large Adult hoops.  We can custom-make a hoop to suit your needs.

What type of tape is used on the hoop? We use PVC tape on our hoops, generally in 2 colours.  Extra colours can be added, as well as speciality tapes (holographic or metallic).  It is important to take care not to hoop on concrete or paving as the rough floor could cause scratches and lifting of the tape.  Rather hoop on grass or soft floors where the tape won’t be easily scuffed.  Hoops are easily re-taped.

Where can I buy your hoops? Please go to shop page

How do I get my hoop? Hoops can be collected from us (in Benoni or as arranged if we will be in your area).  We make use of The Courier Guy for delivery around the country.

Can I come to your shop to try hoops before purchasing? Our shop is online, but you are welcome to schedule an appointment.  Please note that we do have full time jobs as well, so you will need to make it a time to suit both of us.

How long will it take to receive my hoop? As all hoops are custom-made to your specifications (and bearing in mind that we do this part-time), hoops usually take anything from 2 days to a week to complete. Sometimes life happens or  we may be overwhelmed with orders that it could take as much as 2 weeks.  Delivery by courier is by Economy Road and usually takes 2 -3 days.

What kind of payment method do you accept? We’re currently not making use of an online payment facility. You can arrange to pay cash on collection or EFT. Couriered orders will need to be paid upfront (EFT) as our courier company does not collect cash. Orders collected from us can be paid cash upon collection.