Care for your Hoop

Helpful tips for keeping your hoop in good condition:

  • Do not yank or pull on the hoop
  • Do not hoop on rough surfaces such as concrete or blacktop, (especially when first learning how) as it will tear up the decorative tape when hitting the ground.
  • Make sure there is enough space around you for the hoop to rotate without hitting sharp edges of walls, furniture or trinkets.
  • When not in use, store your hoop in a cool place out of the sun. If your hoop becomes slightly warped, place in warm room or on warm asphalt, then reshape the hoop by shaping or hooping with it
  • Don't hang your hoop on a hook (especially not in the sun), your hoop may become warped or even kink.
  • Don't lean on your hoop with your weight, your hoop may bend, kink and possibly even break.

Over time your hoop will show signs of wear and tear.  Follow the above steps to keep your hoop looking great for longer.  Be gentle - forcing the hoop into places can cause damage, as will hooping on concrete or other hard surfaces, as when the hoop drops, it will scrape on the ground and start peeling up.

We do offer re-taping services, but if your hoop is looking tatty and you LOVE the hoop you have (but you live on the other side of the country), you can re-tape it yourself with electrical tape (not as many colours available, but gives the hoop a refreshing new lease on life).

Refunds/ Repairs on Tape & Hoops:

** We do not give refunds on tape damage

If your hoop breaks within the first 2 weeks of use, we will consider replacing or refunding - depending on the damage caused (and dealing with kinks, breaks and leaks for over 3 years, we can determine how the damage was caused).  Once again, emphasizing the importance of caring for your hoop.

LED Hoop Care

  • Ensure the battery is properly inserted into the charger and is fully charged before putting it in the hoop.
    When you put them in the charger make sure you can actually see the exposed part of the battery making contact with the metal terminals on the charger. It could be that when one pushes the batteries into the charger that the exposed area of the battery goes too far down for the terminal of the charger to make contact. 
    If this is what is happening then it doesn't matter how long you leave the batteries in there for, if they are not making contact then they won't ever get charged.

  • Do not leave the battery in the hoop.
    The battery does not know when to stop giving its power away and if the battery gets too flat then it will not charge again. It won’t hurt the hoop but it will effectively kill the battery. For eg. if you forget to switch the hoop off and you leave it on the whole night the battery will be dead.
    So it is actually really easy - when you see the LEDs of the hoop start getting dimmer then the battery is flat and needs to be removed and charged.

  • Keep an eye on your hoop - as much as we like to trust those around us, sometimes our prized possessions "get feet" when we least expect it.

  • If for any reason your LED hoop does not work when you receive it (and you have ensured the battery is charged), please advise us immediately and we will arrange for the manufacturer to have a look at it.

Fire Hoop Care

Care for your hoop in the same way as above.

Wicks - Be careful of dropping the hoop - the wick spikes can bend and are not easily bent back into shape.  Likewise, your wicks could become unattached from the spikes.

Soak wicks for at least half an hour in paraffin before a burn. Once you have finished your burn, ensure your wicks are extinguished.  If not, smother then in a damp towel.  Soak them in paraffin for a while to make sure they don't dry out. Kevlar starts to fray when not properly cared for, and those fray ends can cause damage when they fly off during a burn - and your kevlar wicks won't last as long.

*Always ensure you have a safety spotter and wear suitable clothing when "playing with fire".  Have a damp towel (not wet as that can cause steam burns) and fire extinguishers available*